MIG29 AT RIAT 2015


I’m back from my travels and have finally processed the 5000 pictures I managed to take at the Airshow last weekend! The first ones I would like to share are from the MIG29 from the Polish Airforce.

I was lucky enough to be able to go in the Media Enclosure which is positioned next to the 1st class lounge, all the aircraft do their displays based on that so it’s an excellant vantage point to see the aircraft.

More pictures are on the way, including the Red Arrows and a new comer to the show this year; the V22 Osprey!

The pictures below are all high res images, I chose to keep them like that so you can see them better. Please don’t download or copy them, they are all ©PCFLIGHT 2015


The MIG29 upon landing, deploying it’s chute to help it slow down


An inverted pass of the aircraft along the whole runway


A vertical exit from a High Alpha pass


A high speed fly past from the MIG29


This was the aircraft after the vertical exit from the high alpha pass


Another high speed pass that followed into a vertical high speed climb


This is one of my favourites, the condensation from the tips of the wings is awesome


The aircraft back tracking down the runway for an exit away from the crowd

For more information about the show and to see more pictures click here


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