MilViz Lear 60XR Project Cancelled!


It would appear that Milviz have cancelled the Lear 60 XR project!

Another Flight Sim News Site – Air Daily X received exclusive previews of a Lear 60 XR from a mystery developer that is not called Milviz, therefor it would appear that because of this competition Milviz has gone ahead and cancelled their own project!

Check out this preview of the mystery developers aircraft:


Added to this is the fact that MilViz always seems to take on too many projects at once meaning that they are always working at over full capacity and not able to dedicate the time they’d like on each project.

The Creative Director at MilViz said “Sad to say but the Lear60XR is now cancelled. We will be moving on the KA and the Avanti and possibly a challenger or two… we will see.”

He did later say “We’re going to call this a hold until we know more.” but we know what that means.

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