OpusFSI Version 4.10.0


It’s a bit late, but Opus software is proud to announce the release of it’s new flight simulator interface!

OpusFSI version 4.10.0 was released last week and this is the latest addition to the world of FSX interfaces, But what’s different about this one? Well according to Chuck Jodry from Opus “The LWE references additional cloud, surface, and atmospheric data to determine its low and mid level cloud coverage which is blended with the ‘actual’ METAR data”

This release of OpusFSI also includes Panning Sequences such as aircraft Walk arounds and fly arounds. This means that you won’t have to use EZdok all the time.

Opus have said that “It’s perfect for cockpit builders and standalone pc’s” If you planning a full motion simulator then that’s great news.

It appears that this release has a big focus on weather and the fact that it comes with a whole host of software to make the weather in your flight simulator look stunning. It has a live weather engine with weather for as far as the eye can see, instant weather updates and perfect weather synchronization across all systems.

It also comes with a flight planning assistant that provides dynamic weather maps and in-flight reports that can overlay the flightplan.

OpusFSI also seems to come with a piece of software that basically replaces the need for EZdok, with automated head movement to assist taxiing and banking in a turn, Dynamic aircraft movements with camera shake and head movements. it sure does seem to replace the need for EZdok. And the tip of the iceburg is that it comes with support for TrackIR.

If you have a joystick with vibrational feedback then OpusFSI is great because it comes with ButtKicker which is a gamer interface that added vibrational feedback to the simulation.

This addons seems to be a good all round addon, that basically replaces the need for most of your addons in your library.


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  1. Awesome software and technical support. I use OpusFSI for a multi PC system along with the weather and it’s amazing. When I had a slight problem my e-mail support question was answered in minutes. The problem ended up being with my computers clock being off (my error). Once this was corrected, the software works flawlessly. The multi layered weather and clouds are extremely impressive. I highly recommend OpusFSI.

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