ORBX Cloverdale Municipal Airport Released!


OBRX Release some stunningly details scenery for Cloverdale Municiple Airport in Northern California

Serving Sonoma County, the airport is used for activities such skydiving, ultralight and experimental aircraft development. It is also serves as a branch of the Zenith Aircraft Company. FTX O60 Cloverdale is a high definition rendition of the airport featuring a hand-drawn HD groundpoly and custom buildings and objects for the airport and surrounding areas. It covers a large area of Sonoma County, from Preston to the north and Asti to the south. It is developed by the team at Turbulent Designs!


  • HD airport ground detail
  • HD texture details for both ground poly and buildings
  • HD scattered (optional) grass and other vegetation
  • Additional Turbulent Designs library objects with baked ambient occlusion
  • Large high-quality 15cm and 60cm coverage area
  • Incorporates Orbx ObjectFlow technology
  • Custom modelled POIs and animated objects
  • Fully seasoned to match FTX Northern California
  • Hand placed autogen, vegetation and buildings
  • Developed by Turbulent Designs

Source: Cloverdale Municipal Airport


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