Orbx FTX Cote d’Azur Previews!


Iain Emms, Orbx’s Screenshot Artist has finally got his hands on FTX Cote d’Azur, we all know what this means!

In a post to the Orbx Forums Iain published his first set of screenshots featuring FTX Cote d’Azur. He added a note saying: “Taken in P3DV3.4”.

With regards to progress, it’s common knowledge that once Iain gets his hands on a project it’s usually nearly ready for release, FTX Cote d’Azur has been in beta since October last year so I’d say it’s probably nearing release.

In a post to the Orbx forums in October 2016, Orbx developer Maurizio Giorgi spoke about the release schedule saying: “considering the huge size of the scenery I have to be a little flexible this time. Please don’t ask me the date of the release because I don’t know it”

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