Orbx FTX ESSA Stockholm Airport Service Pack Previews!


Normally service packs aren’t anything to shout about, but this one from Orbx certainly is! They’ve put a big  amount of work into this one and the changes they’ve made are stunning!

In a post to the Orbx forums, Orbx Developer, Marcus Nyberg wrote: “Normally service packs are not that much of preview-material. This time I would say it deserves it’s own preview post. So, first of all: this upcoming service pack will not contain the moving gates. It is not forgotten, and it is being worked on.

This service pack will include some new features and some highly updated already existing ones. First of all, the new feature: animated traffic! We have done massive works with new vehicles and animations and the airport has now become alive in a whole new aspect. We’ve also placed more people, luggage cars, etc, around the airport and it’s now as busy as in real life with buses, trucks, luggage handlers in a constant move to get that next plane to depart in time. Even if we’ve not noticed any big performance lost this will of course be able to turn off in the control panel.

Thanks to our new member Pierre Engblom, we’ve redone all the autogen. And wow, it’s really a big difference! Also it is down to 20% of the amount of the original release, still with the same dense feeling, which will save you some frames. We will also include some corrections of minor issues that has been reported during the year with some flipped textures, etc.

We have also re-textured Terminal 5F, Terminal 5A, Terminal 5B, Terminal 4 and Terminal 2. You will now have high-resolution textures with a much higher level of accuracy and of course some nice window reflections. We’ve also redone the interior of T5F and it’s really, really a different place now compared to the initial release. The whole airport has also been exported with a different method which should gain some better performance and decrease the risk of stutters.”

As you can see, major work has been put in to update this airport including redoing the Autogen and retexturing the terminal buildings! For more information click here


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