Orbx FTX Innsbruck Previews!


Orbx’s Jarrad Marshall today previewed his rendition of Innsbruck airport in Austria!

In a post to the Orbx Forums he wrote: “After a little more development time than originally planned, I am very excited to show off the second set of previews of Innsbruck Airport, focusing on the completed airport area. Every effort has been made to push the detail and quality envelope with, whilst still maintaining strong performance and VAS usage.

A great deal of help has been provided by my friends Fabian K, Maximilian and Fabian S, who have shown endless patience with my hundreds of requests and questions.  I won’t spend too much time just yet discussing the ins-and-outs of the airfield; this will come later.

In the meantime, please find a shortened feature list for the airport. For first-time viewers, I would also strongly recommend visiting the original first previews for complete product feature list; this scenery is far larger than just the airport.”

You have to full screen the previews below to fully appreciate the incredible level of detail Jarrad has put into the scenery!


  • Ultra high-definition rendition of Innsbruck airport
  • Extremely detailed ground polygon optimised for FSX and P3D
  • Over 30 static aircraft unique to LOWI – no type/skin seen in any other airport project to date!*
  • Entirely new custom GSE for Innsbruck – highly detailed refuelling trucks, fire appliances, buses, carts, cars and more.
  • Highly accurate baked ambient occlusion and new lighting techniques
  • Complex lighting options to match real-life (including the famous extended “Rabbit”)
  • Highly accurate APX designed by our resident guru, Graham Eccleston
  • Advanced rendering, modelling and optimization techniques for best balance between performance and detail. * Aside from the B757 – this was also included with our recent Dubrovnik scenery.

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