Orbx KSAN San Diego Final Previews!


Today Orbx release their final shots of KSAN San Diego scenery ahead of its upcoming release.

Orbx’s Screenshot Artist, Iain Emms, took to the Orbx Forums to post the last previews of KSAN San Diego Internationa Airport before release.

In a post to the forums Iain simply wrote: “Taken in P3DV3.4” then followed  by 18 previews of the highly anticipated scenery.

In a post last week, the Developer of the project set out the features to be included in this scenery, these include “Huge photoreal that covers entire San Diego Metropolitan area” and “Hundreds of Poi (Hospitals, Dams, Bridges, Parks, famous buildings, Skyscrapers, Boats, ecc ).”

For those worried about performance, this has been taken into account because the scenery is “Optimized for good performance with large possibility to personalize the features in Control Panel.”

I’d say we could see release before the end of the month, for more information click here


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