Orbx Narvik Previews!


It seems that Orbx are taking a long time with this addon, but when you see the screenshots you will understand why!

I have tried to land at this airport before and I can’t imagine how hard it is going to be once the scenery is released with the actual sloping runway.

Although this could make stopping on this runway harder I think that by looking at the screenshots this scenery is going to be stunning. Take a look at the screenshots below and for more information click here

2015-01-06_10-26-05_2015-01-06_09-58-00-17 2015-01-06_10-25-55_2015-01-06_09-58-00-16 2015-01-06_10-24-57_2015-01-06_09-57-59-12 2015-01-06_10-24-47_2015-01-06_09-57-59-11 2015-01-06_10-24-26_2015-01-06_09-58-00-13 2015-01-06_10-24-12_2015-01-06_09-58-00-14 2015-01-06_10-23-47_2015-01-06_09-58-00-15 2015-01-05_22-44-37_2014-12-28_4-37-25-679


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