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It’s been confirmed that Orbx is now developing for X-Plane after previously announcing and then dropping the platform.

Back in December 2016, Orbx released a roadmap outlining what they would be developing and also announcing new platforms including Aerofly FS2 and X-Plane. Then in January this year, Orbx CEO John Venema released a statement announcing that X-Plane was being dropped from Orbx’s roadmap and that they wouldn’t be developing for the platform “for the foreseeable future, if at all”

Yesterday, Mr Venema posted previews of their FTX EU Netherlands Photoreal which he labeled as being from P3D V4, it turns out that he was mistaken and accidentally posted previews of the X-Plane version of the scenery.

He wrote: “That said I guess the cat is out of the bag that Orbx is developing for XP (I revealed this in a recent interview at Cosford FlightSim show), and I would be interested to hear if there is interest in a NetherlandsXP as a payware product with all the usual Orbx 3D POIs modelled etc?”

As mentioned, he did reveal this in an interview at the Cosford Flight Sim Show earlier last month.

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  1. What Mr Venema posted were pictures of freeware generated orthophoto scenery and overlay derived from OSM created with 2 freeware tools from 2 different developers, NOT of their product or work.

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