Orbx Releases Preview of ‘Project A’ and It Looks STUNNING!


Last week Orbx released a roadmap for 2017 in which they talked in great detail about what they were planning to do next year.

The roadmap included a plethora of information about what Orbx as a company would be doing next year. It also featured news regarding their ‘Top Secret Projects’

One of those projects was called ‘Project A’, there’s been much speculation as to what it could be but all we know is that it’s a “huge investment in new tech, new tools, new apps and new staff. It will surprise many of you, and delight you all. It will focus on both Europe and North America. It will perform like nothing you have experience in your simming life. It will support VR. It will be a VFR flyer’s wet dream.¬†It will be sold on OrbxDirect. Oh, and it will be 64-bit.”

John Venema CEO of Orbx today released a preview of ‘Project A’ on the Orbx Forums writing: “Straight screenshot, in 4K, getting about 150fps in this shot.” Firstly it’s 4K and secondly, it’s 150FPS! I can just about get that with FSX on minimal setting with no addons. But just look at the screenshot! WOW!

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  1. Eric J Joiner on

    looks like Chicago to me. I wish a professional development group would work on Atlanta.

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