Orbx to Start Developing for X-Plane!


Orbx yesterday released a roadmap talking about what they are hoping to do in 2017!

One of those things was “Project X – The surprise package. The dark horse. A big $ R&D commitment. Orbx quality where it’s needed the most so things finally get to truly shine. Oh, and it’s 64-bit.”

Quite obviously this means that Orbx will start developing for X-Plane! Not only because they’re calling it “Project X” but also because it’s 64-bit! Well, that’s unless Lockheed Martin has a big surprise coming for us in the form of a 64bit P3D.

They will be joining the likes of PMDG who started developing for X-Plane this year following the release of their DC-6!

For more information and to read the full statement click here



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