P3D Fiber Accelerator Release


If you had a PC that doesn’t cope very well with FSX then you were in luck because FSX Fiber existed to try and help. If you had P3D then you were stuck, until now!

P3D Fiber Accelerator is a piece of software that tweaks P3D live when you are flying to try and make it run better on your hardware, it works just like the FSX version and tweaks P3D and analyses exactly what the user requires to get the best frame rate and then applies it to the session. A spokesperson from FSPS said recently that “Fiber Accelerator gives back 100% the maximum frames per second the PC can give, the maximum graphics quality, the maximum texture loading smoothness” which is what we want. The release of this product should help those who just want to maximize performance of there sim without compromising quality of simulation.

For the price of £23.18 it’s a bargin when considering that the equal the performance you could go and spend hundreds on new hardware.

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