PMDG 747 V3 Livery Preview!


Again I never cease to be amazed by PMDG as today they released another preview of their 747 V3!

The previews feature the 747-400 in the Northwest Airlines livery nicknamed the “Red Tail”

In a post to the AVSIM forums, one of their modelers Jason Brown wrote: “This is a rare chance for one of us on the team to take a step back and admire the 747 project we have put a lot of time into. It has been years since I did any livery work, the last time was when I did the Westjet liveries for the NGX when we released (that was a long time ago). So… today I had some time to do a livery and one of the liveries is really dear to some of us on the team and I think it doesn’t need any explanation so here….



He then followed up with: “Literally took our breath away! We look forward to getting this beauty in your hands!”

The preview of the aircraft landing looks real and when I first saw it I thought it was, I had to double take just to make sure.

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