PMDG 747 V3 | P3D V4 Release Delayed + Dynamic Lighting Previews!


The release of PMDG’s 747 V3 for P3D V4 has been delayed after they found a “a few oddities that were not repeatable” when testing the aircraft.

In a post to the AVSIM forums, PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo wrote: “On Friday morning, we were pretty certain we would have a release for you during the night tonight, but it has been a frustrating night of solving what appears to be a nearly non-stop chain of very small items.

Any of you who have flown an airplane will understand when I say that “sometimes you just know by instinct that you should abort the takeoff…”  That is how I felt tonight as we were discussing whether or not to release this update to you, without a clear picture in our minds of why we had just seen a few oddities that were not repeatable.

I know you all are eager to get flying in Prepar3D v4- and believe me- this transition is making a complete hash of our development timeline, so we are eager to get you flying in Prepar3D v4 as well-  but not unlike the professional flight crew up on the flight deck of an actual 747, you aren’t only paying us to know when to release this product, you are paying us to know when NOT to release it…

The “no-go” decision is always the hardest decision I have to make because I know it is frustrating to wait for a highly anticipated product.  But please trust me- we don’t want you to experience 10x the frustration with a product that randomly misbehaves in ways that ruin your enjoyment of the new simulator.

I’m going to get a few hours of sleep, and we will all be back here chipping away at the issues on Saturday and I’ll let you know how things are looking throughout the day.  The moment we sort out these last couple of items- she will be all yours!”

In the mean time, we can all turn our attention to the previews that were released yesterday. We all know the flagship feature of P3D V4, that being 64bit, but one of the features that appears to have attracted a little less attention is the introduction of dynamic lighting.

PMDG has been working over the last few months to update their product line to the recently released V4 of Prepar3D, one of the beta testers has today released some previews of the 747 V3 inside P3D V4 but with the addition of dynamic lighting!

Jorge Moya, a long time beta tester for PMDG has taken some fabulous shots showing off the Queen of the Skies in the dark with the exterior lights on, the impressive part is the way that the light falls on the ground.

For more information about PMDG’s release schedule for P3D V4, click here. For more information regarding the previews click here


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