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PMDG like to keep the world updated, they released a update earlier today detailing what’s going on with there current projects.

“A few months back, we had a few users identify what they suspected was a very peculiar scenario in which the 777 would begin to “leak memory” if a certain set of parameters existed in an arrival/approach/go-around procedure.

We have been working with some of the data provided to us by these users, and about six weeks ago began testing some changes that we thought would help to prove/disprove/identify the problem- and tonight I am happy to tell you that we feel the issue has been proven, identified and resolved.

During the coming week we anticipate rolling out an updated version of the 777 in both FSX, FSX-SE and P3D.

Once we roll the update out, we will be sending it off to our partners at Aerosoft so that they can make it available to those who may want FSX and FSX-SE compatibility, as well as the latest round of updates to the 777 product line.

Out of an abundance of caution, we looked at the NGX to see if this problem was common to that product line, but we found that it was related to a function that was new with the development of the 777, but it had made it into the 747-400 and 747-8 as well, so it has been fixed in all iterations.

I do not have the names of the individuals that helped to find/prove this problem, as Ryan has been their main point of communication on the issue, but I have asked Ryan to jump in here and list their names as a manner of saying thank-you. It is nice when comes to us with specific replications steps for a potential problem, especially one that is as obscure as this one- so their help in both identification and then verification of the fix was very much appreciated.

In the mean time, we are hard at work on the 747-400 and 747-8i once again.The last four months have been a distraction, so it is nice to be getting back to moving the product development cycle forward. The DC-6 is preparing to enter beta testing on the X-Plane platform, and the 747 is starting to pick up speed once again.

As a small treat, here is a small picture of what I have been working on this weekend. (Ignore the text scaling off the usable screen surface, we need to update the resolutions for the -8’s displays, as they are higher than those used on the 744, so it causes some funkiness on the text display in this latest build…


Using the ECL in the 747-8 is quite a bit of fun because there are so many of everything… You don’t just get a GEN OFF message, you get four of them, along with their associated ECL procedures and cross references. The ECL becomes quite a bit of fun to work with when you set up cascading failures.

When I get around to scaling that display, I throw up a few more images to show you how it walks you through some of the more complex, cascading issues you can expect to run into with a four engine airplane.

I have some other interesting tid-bits that are on close hold at the moment- but we should begin telling you about in short order. Stay tuned!”

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