PMDG 777 FS2Crew Released!


FS2Crew have finally released the PMDG 777 voice and button control variant of there software.

It seems that the start of VATSIM cross the pond eastbound has triggered the release of the FS2crew addon for PMDG 777. This addon does the same thing as the 737 version of the software, which is the help and enhance the experience of flying the PMDG 777.

Being such a complicated aircraft, it is with relief to know that this software is available to help those who struggle to fly the aircraft, or for those who simply was to enhance there simulation experience.

You get the voice and button control version in the same package and for the price of £23.59 it is great value for money.

There has been nothing said about any kind of emergency procedure addon for FS2Crew, but i’m sure in time it will follow.

And for a limited time you can get 5euros off you purchase with the code (B777) this means getting the voice and button control package for only £19.65!

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