PMDG 777 – FS2Crew Update!


FS2Crew have just released an update to their 777 addon updating it to Version 1.4.

This update to the 777 includes some fixes to the recognition of some of the commands given in the 777 and also the additional support for P3D 2+

If you want to use the P3D version, you will need to install FS2Crew via the new P3D install option in the FS2Crew installer.  Next, you will need to enable FS2Crew in the P3D version of the 777 Config Manager.  How do you access the 777 Config Managers?  There should be two shortcut icons on your desktop for the FS2Crew 777 Config Manager.  One for P3D and one for FSX.  See the screen shots below to ensure you’re using the right Config Manager.  You can also access the Config Managers via START – ALL PROGRAMS – FS2CREW2014.

Fixes and Updates

  • SET XXX.XX ON (STANDBY) COMM 1 / 2”  AND “SWAP COMM 1 / 2” now functional.
  • In the “Button Control” version, it’s no longer possible to trigger the “OKAY TO CLEAN UP” command unless this aircraft is on the ground.

The main thing to know about this update is that it is a free update and FS2Crew are recommending that all users install it. For information on how to download it and also install click here



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