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PMDG CEO, Robert Randazzo, today released a statement that talked about what we can expect to happen this week!

In post to the AVSIM forums he wrote: “We anticipate this week will bring a last round of major changes, and then everything should calm back down once again- which I think all of us are looking forward to.”

  • 737, 747 and 777 product lines will all get another round of installer replacements in order to wrap up changes triggered by the wide array of updates we have pushed over the past two months.  We anticipate that this will be the last round of mandatory installer updates, as we finally have stability where we want it and feel that mixing base installation and micro update processes will not create confusion for customers and tech support.
  • 747 and 777 product lines are getting an update to provide additional debugging diagnostic information to assist technical support in solving problem reports.
  • 747 and 777 product lines are getting some additional functionality to allow affected customers to gracefully avoid the “captains pfd popup CTD” .
  • All product lines are getting a bit of cleanup and tweaking based on our work of the past couple of weeks.

“For those eagerly awaiting the 737-600/700 expansion pack, we have had a hard time getting that product stable enough to release to you- not because of the product itself but because we keep making changes to the base package that then have to be tested again in the pass-through to the 600/700.  It sounds simple enough, but when you consider how much testing we have going on with the 747, 77L, 77W, NGX8900, NGX6700 and DC-6…   Both the development team and the beta team has had to load-shed and set things in priority order- else we risk giving you more headaches than you really deserve.  I have set the ETA for the 737-600/700 to “before 31JUL” in order to get it on the far side of this weeks updates for our own sanity- and in hopes of avoiding having to move the date again.  (This-  right here- is why we don’t give release dates… Sometimes you just can’t see the things that will pop up and kill your timetable at the last minute.  It is frustrating on our end too…)

I’ve mentioned a few times just how much work has gone on here at PMDG as we have pushed all of these product lines out to you with new updates and compatibility for P3D v4- and we are nearly finished- but we are definitely seeing stress cracks in the workflow over the past month- with some needless errors being made for no other reason than task saturation and fatigue.

Thank you very much for your patience as we get these last few updates completed- and then we can all get back to simming and the development team can get back to wrapping up the 747-8 for beta testing!”

Exciting news from PMDG, next week could most certainly be a busy one for the team, and the customers…

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