PMDG Legacy Product Activation Back Online!


A few weeks ago PMDG accidentally broke their activation processes for their legacy products or those released before 2008!

In a post to the AVSIM forums PMDG CEO, Robert Randazzo wrote: “A few weeks ago, we published a NOTAM here to advise that we had accidentally broken the product activation process for our 2008 and earlier products such as the original 747-400 from 2005 and the MD-11 from 2008.  In our effort to improve the overall security of our data processes, we accidentally obsoleted a process that was required for users to continue installing and enjoying those products.  We were unaware of this accident until after we rolled out the new updates.

It has been a pretty significant effort, but we are happy to report that activation is once again taking place for these older products, so you will be able to install and use them once again.

I recognize that it created some inconvenience for some users and for this we apologize.  Perhaps one day after the medication takes hold, I can share with you a very funny story of just how deeply we had to dive into the archives to save this legacy installation process…  and just how messed up the process of fixing it was…

Believe it or not, it involved finding a decommissioned hard drive that had been removed and stored back in 2006… and building a machine from scrap parts so that I could plug in the darn ribbon cable required to read that drive… to get the…   argh…   the tremors…

First I have to triple the dose of the medication.”

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