PMDG Update and Steam Edition!


There’s been some updates on the PMDG’s facebook page talking about the 777 and the steam edition of FSX, the full post is below

“We have so much to share with you this weekend. This is just the first part of many!

Last night we released updates to both of the of our FSX based 777 products in order to make them compatible with both FSX and FSX:Steam Edition (FSX SE)

In the process of building this update, we have updated the 777s to version 1.10.6320, which we are calling SP1d… I want to be absolutely clear that SP1d and SP1c are functionally identical, except for some structural changes that will not impact your use of the software.

If you are running FSX ONLY – then this update IS NOT necessary for you.

If you wish to use the 777s in FSX:SE, then you will need this update.

Now here is where there is a change you should pay attention to! In the past we have created update installers that were around 130MB or so- and you simply downloaded these in order to update your installation. This time, because of the changes we had to make to our installation process in order to account for FSX:SE- you will need to download the entire installer, fresh from our system… There is no “patch” installer for either the PMDG 777-200LR/F or the PMDG 777-300ER.

You can find the downloads by logging onto your eCommerce account, clicking on previous orders, and selecting the appropriate product.”


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