PMDG – Xplane Development Update!


Recently PMDG released a Update talking about many things that have been on there minds, mainly FSX:SE and P3D. They also have a quick mention of what they are planning to do with Xplane.

“We have begun to discuss (at last!) unveiling our first preview for our first Xplane development project. (That sounds frighteningly like we have started to plan to plan for a planning meeting…. I don’t mean it to sound that way. LOL)

I thought we were close to a preview on this about 8 months ago and I was mistaken- but we are close enough to completion now that I think we have something worth showing….

This project has been our “sandbox” exercise in order to get a development team up and running on Xplane- and many of you will recall that the Jetstream 41 was our sandbox exercise for what became the NGX and 777 product lines- so I think you will be pretty excited about this if you are an Xplane user!”

Seems rather promising and hopefully Xplane users sometime in the future will be able to benefit from PMDG products. To read the full post click here


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