Prepar3D V4 – What are the developers saying?


It’s no secret that the 3rd party developer community is an integral part of Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D platform and without them, the sim wouldn’t be quite as engaging and fun to use.

It’s just under a week since Lockheed Martin officially announced Prepar3D Version 4 and we thought we’d check in with some of the industries top developers to see what they’ve said about this.


Orbx were one of the first developers to release details of their plan for V4 along with screenshots, In a post to the Orbx forums John Venema the CEO of Orbx wrote: “Orbx has been testing V4 for some months now and we’re pleased to report that almost all Orbx addons work very well in the system.

Please be aware though that we have to add new code to FTX Central and some of the installers to deal with new file structures, autogen, SpeedTree and a few other anomalies we have found. Please don’t ask for our products to be ready on day one, but we promise to have to ready for you as soon as possible after V4 is released – and for free!”


In a post to the AVSIM forums PMDG CEO Robert Randazzo wrote: “As we promised back in 2015, customers who have purchased our products for Prepar3D v3 are going to enjoy a free transition to Prepar3D v4 and the advent of 64bit simming technology, as this was already rolled up into the development costs of the product you already purchased.

Beginning on/shortly after the release of Prepar3D v4, we will begin publishing Prepar3D v4 compatible versions of our existing product lines.  We have spent the better part of 2017 thus far working our way through the transition of our existing product line to make the NGX, 777, 747 and DC-6 compatible with the new, Prepar3D v4.

As of today, we have both the DC-6 and the 747 operating within Prepar3D v4, and we hope to have the 777 completed later this week, with the NGX to follow shortly there-after.” For more information click here


Aerosoft has a huge product catalogue including scenery and aircraft, this is why they’ve acknowledged that converting their products across could take some time, Mathijs Kok the Community Manager for Aerosoft released a timetable detailing all the major products and their expected release dates:

Mathijs also released a couple of screenshots featuring the long awaited CRJ, it looks very good in P3D V4:


In a post to their forums FlyTampa wrote: “Prepar3D V4 is coming May 30th & it’s truly glorious. To celebrate we thought you’d like some Boston Logan V4 previews taken from within Prepar3D V4. Some of our favourite features from the 1000s of improvements in P3D4…..64bit Architecture, so

  • 64bit Architecture, so say goodbye to Out of Memory errors. Performance is up. We are seeing a 10-15fps boost at our airports.
  • Performance is up. We are seeing a 10-15fps boost at our airports. Less stutters.
  • Less stutters.Loading Times are down drastically.
  • Loading Times are down drastically.No texture re-drawing when switching views.
  • No texture re-drawing when switching views. New Dark UI
  • New Dark UINew Rain & Snow FX
  • New Rain & Snow FXDynamic Lighting. This will change the way we all do night lighting. See the shots.
  • Dynamic Lighting. This will change the way we all do night lighting. See the shots.

They also included a set of previews in the post featuring their Boston Logan scenery, for more information click here

Just Fight

Just Flight announced in a statement on Facebook that they’d work to get their recent popular titles compatible with P3D V4 and all future titles. They wrote: “For several months we have been working with Lockheed Martin to evaluate what work is required to produce V4 compatibility updates for our existing product range. We are aiming to release compatibility updates for some of our recent and popular releases shortly. These will be available free-of-charge in the form of updated product installers.

Meanwhile, for future titles and those that are still in development, we’ll be looking into developing ‘native’ V4 products that will take full advantage of the new features available in the simulator, in addition to continuing our support for the FSX and P3D v1/2/3 platforms.”

Majestic Software

The makers of the well known Q400 aircraft have said in a statement that “ALL EDITIONS of The Majestic Software Q400 will be upgraded to Prepar3D v4 compatibility” they went on to say “The Q400 has required some extensive re-working to become compatible with the new 64bit platform so we will be a bit late off the starting blocks. Something to make you all cognizant of is that Majestic will continue the transition of the Q400 for Prepar3D V4 when the simulator and the SDK becomes sufficiently stable. This is a policy we have followed with every new flight simulator release such as FSX Steam, Prepar3D V2.0 and V3.0, and it is done to make sure no major code re-write is necessary as the newly release simulator is updated and patched.”

“Several folks have asked about likelihood of MJC charging for the transition to the 64bit platform. This at the moment is under discussion and we’ll provide additional information regarding whether there will be a charge for moving up to Prepar3D v4, bear in mind that MJC did not charge for moving from FSX to P3D v2x nor did we charge for moving from P3D v2.x to P3D v3.x.

This may sound a bit disappointing to many and we apologize, but we find that it is necessary to have these items in place before completing the 64bit transition. As usual we will not discuss time frames but we are pushing forward to make this feasible for all three platforms FSX/P3D v3.4.x and P3D v4.”

REX Simulations

Rex released a joint statement regarding XP11, FSW and P3D. They said: “We are committed to providing support of these platforms as much as possible. Though our development team, as of right now, has been focused on finishing several new products, it is our goal to advance our technology further to try to give the best experience possible for the past as well as the new platforms.

We have been in contact with each developer group and it is our goal to maintain a reasonable working relationship that goes well into the future. Each platform will offer its own unique challenges and we aim to try to meet those challenges by providing a greater sense of reality in the environment that surrounds us within the sim.

Your investment is our investment. We will continue to strive to meet the need as they develop.”

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