QualityWings Q4 Status Update!


The round off a fanstastic year for the Flight Simulation Industry QualityWings gave us their Q4 Update!

Greetings from QualityWings,
Happy New Year! I hope that 2016 will be a great year for all of you!
Here is a shorter than normal update on all things QualityWings:
Ultimate 787 Collection
The Heads-Up Display has taken up a huge bulk of our time this past quarter. We’re still working on it, but this HUD has turned out to be more robust than we thought it would be. There is so much going on with this thing.
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Sounds Implementation for Systems Logic
Sometimes it’s the little things right? Watch any 787 video, and you’ll hear hydraulic pumps turning on and off in the cabin during Engine Start, After Takeoff, during approach, etc. There is so much logic on this airplane and the automatic operation of the hydraulic pumps is one of them. Even though the switches may be on, the pumps may not be running until they’re needed. Similar to the 777 in many ways, but taken to another level. For instance, All electric pumps turn on for 3 minutes and then some of them shutoff until the throttles are advanced for takeoff. We’re continuing to implement logic and accompanying sounds for stuff like this. Small thing…but sounds really cool. Checkout a short video here.
Flight Management System
The structure of the FMS has been in place for quite awhile now, but we still continue to refine and test the features. An emphasis on whether or not the aircraft is able to perform as it’s supposed to is also underway. We’re always asked about loading the FMS. Our 787 aircraft will allow for more seasoned users to program routes, it will allow importing of routes that have been exported from 3rd party programs and also returning is the ability to important Plans from the Default Flight Sim Planner. A video will be provided showing a default Flight Planner Route being loaded is shown here.
Liveries Complete
All liveries for the -8 and -9 are complete. Exterior texturing is just about done. The paintkit will eb finalized soon and available upon release. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but I hope to release some kit tuorial videos to show some of the tricks with the kit. I think it’s a nice kit (It better be, I’ve been working on it long enough lol).
Ultimate 737 Collection
I do not have much to report for the 737 at this time. Hopefully we will have more to provide in a future update.
Ultimate 757
We do not have any updates om the QW757 as this product is stable and mature.
Ultimate 146
We do not have any updates om the QW146 as this product is stable and mature.
Updated Statement on P3D V3.0
As I said in the previous update, it’s quite challenging to keep up with P3D at this time. We started looking at a few things in P3D V3.0, and then V3.1 was released. We cannot comment at this time on the ability to install our existing products into P3D V3.0 at this time. Once we can fidn the time, we will surely see what the situation is with the platform. Hopefully there will be some stability at that point.
FlightSim Conference (FlightSimCon 2016)
We have confirmed our attedance at FlightSimCon at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT. We do hope to see many of you as we heard that this conference had a very nice draw in 2015. You can find more information about this conference here:
Closing Note
Thanks for your interest and patience. All energy is on the 787 at this time and of course Product Support for Existing Products and the Simulators they were designed for.
I will get information out to you when we have something substantial to share. The updates will be a little less frequent as we try to wrap this 787 aircraft up over the next several months. Happy flying!
*Updated prepared by Corey

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