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Greetings from QualityWings,

For those who have been patiently waiting at their computers since Midnight of September 30th, 2015 for the 3rd Quarter Update – we sincerely apologize and you may now get up from your PC 🙂 We try to get these updates out at some point near the end of the quarter…but we were knee deep in preparation for a Flight Simualtor Show in the United Kingdom last weekend (More on that later).

Because I don’t want to waste anyones time, as I’m sure some of you ONLY want to know about one thing and one thing only:

When is the 787 going to be released?? After all in Quarter 2, I said:”Middle of this year is NOT possible given personal commitments of the staff. But we’re pretty confident about Later in 2015. ”

Sorry to disappoint anyone who was holding out hope on the 787 being released on Holiday 2015, BUT IT WILL NOT BE RELEASED IN THE YEAR 2015.

Now before you go because I’m sure many of you will probably stop reading now (I can always tell that you’ve stopped by lookin at some of your comments)…I don’t want you to feel like we are trying to string you along. But this is why I always say that these things are hard to predict, especially in our case. I’ve explained how life affects this development before so I will not do that again. We’re doing the best we can and that my friends is the ONLY promise you’ve ever gotten from me. 

For those of you still reading, here is an update on all things QualityWings

FlightSim 2015 (Conference in Cosford, UK) 

Ultimate 787 Collection

*May as well combine these 2 items since for this quarter they are very closely related*

FlightSim 2015 was held in Cosford, UK this past Saturday, October 3rd and I must say this show did not disappoint. The Energy inside of the Royal Air Force Museum makes me feel good about the continued interest in Flight Simulation. Some of the things on Exhibit are amazing and I would advise anyone on  the fence about attending one of these shows in Cosford, to hop over that fence and take a chance.

QualityWings Simulations did not exhibit in this years show, but we did provide a Presentation like we did last year which provided some of the details you will see in this Q32015 Update. And as I said in the previous Facebook update, I am blown away at the interest in our brand and sincerely appreciate all the feedback we receive from you all in person. It is AWESOME.

While we were working on the presentation for Cosford, we decided to do a tally sheet on all the changes that have been made since we did the show last year. Not much different than we’ve reported to you in the Quarterly Updates…but it was interesting to see all the work done on one slide. The progress can feel slow sometimes and even we can lose sight on how much we’ve actually accomplished during certain timeframes.

Before I get to the presentation, here are a few 787 features that we’ve worked on specifically during this quarter:

Traffic Alert & Collision Avoidance System (TCAS)

We’ve started programming the aircraft’s TCAS system from the ground up and this should proivide a more reliable TCAS system than has been provided by the 3rd party TCAS we have previously used.  This is a new endeavour for us, but it’s looking good so far.

Fuel Balance System

A feature that debuted on the 787 is a Fuel Balance system that allows for much simpler rectification of Imbalance Issues. Push a single switch and voila! No crossfeed switches to mess around with during an imbalance situation.

Airport Display

We’ve been working with a 3rd Party on an Airport Display to mimic what is available on the Real-Life 787 and we’ve finally gotten around to getting it to show up. Last year we started it had an issue with Complex Buildings. This is all being Ironed out and I’m sure it will be a welcome addition.

Electronic Flight Bag

We showed a preview of the EFB during the last Quarterly Update but didn’t say too much about it. Ernie has been working on a Dynamic EFB which will draw the Airport Charts (SIDS, STARS, Approach Charts, etc) on the fly.

Additionally, you can drop your existing charts as images and have them display as well. This one of the questions asked at Cosford.

Custom Flight Director

Alot of effort was spent during this quarter to develop the Flight Director System

FlightSim 2015 Conference

Our presentation lasted just alittle bit more than an hour in front of approximately 120+ people (maybe more not sure) and I do hope everyone had a good time. We were able to pack in quite a bit in that hour:

  • Provide some background on the Company & Previous products
  • Provided a brief look behind the scenes on the 787 Project Development
  • Provided an Overall Status Update on the 787
  • Provided a Live Demonstration of the 787 on the Auditorium Screen
  • Hosted a Question and Answer Session

For those who would like to see and hear some of the presentation at Cosford, we do have some Audio and Video of the Presentation. It is currently uploading and will be provided as a link here when done. Only about half of the presentation is available unfortunately as the camera we setup but it cutoff on us 28 minutes into it. We managed to get the first part of the demonstration on video but it stopped just as Lars was demonstarting the Fly-by-Wire features of the 787. So Lars re-recorded a video with narration while in FSX so that you can see what was discussed. Unfortunately, other parts of the demo part of the presentation were lost such as when we showed the Fuel Balance function, TCP Operation, Sounds and a few other things that I can’t recall. The question and answer session is also unavailable, but I did remember all the questions and they’re provided below.

Question & Answer Session:

Will QW Products be developed/made available for X-Plane?

Unfortunately not. We simply do not have the time to learn and develop for a new simulator

Are any considerations being made for External Hardware?

We made some changes during development of the QW757 and QW146 to allow for better support for external hardware. We haven’t had any complaints since making those changes and we’re confident this will work for future products such as the 787 as well. Whether or not we will provide additionall SDK information is to be determined. Butn we do have Beta Testers using External Hardware that will give us additional feedback during the testing phase.

Which 787 variants will be included in the QW787?

The 787-8 and 787-9 will be included in the Initial Release. The 787-10 will follow when that aircraft becomes available.

Will the Flightplans in the QW787 be able to accept 3rd Party Flight plan programs such as PFPX?

Yes. The 787 will be able to accomodate some 3rd party Flight Plan programs

Does the 787 have accurate Wingflex and external lighting features such as the LED Anti-Collision lights modeled?

Yes it does. In addition to the flexing of the wings simulated as the aircraft gains speed, they also flex during surface movements. We’ve also simulated systems that will deflect control surfaces to protect the wing during excess G manuevers. The Horizontal Stabilizer also animates during certain conditions as well.

I noticed that there is an Officially Licensed by Boeing logo on the 787 Product Page. What is the relationship with Boeing?

The Product is officially licensed. I cannot provide any further detail.

How realistic is the aircraft as compared to other high fidelity aircraft simulators?

Our goal is to simulate the 787 systems and features to mimic the real-life aircraft as accurate as possible and when practical. We do that with a careful programming of the systems based on our knowledge and feedback with real-life professionals of the aircraft. This is not limited to what you see in the Flightdeck, but also what you feel. How good a job we do on all accounts will be determined by the feedback we get (from those who KNOW the airplane) during testing and once it’s released.

Are we taking the Multiplayer Crowd into Consideration?

Yes we are, but we need feedback  on this to determine how far we will go in this area. I reached out to the gentleman who asked this question via email but have yet to get any feedback.

Will the 787 have a Headsup Display?

Yes it will. Only One side will work at a time. Mre images of the HUD will be available in an update soon. A preview was shown in Cosford.

Have we thought about pre-sales on the 787?

Not a chance. If we’ve got your money, then you’ve got us by the throat 😉 We work on this when we can.

Have we thought about crowd funding for the 787?

Not unless Crowd funding can provide us more time and not unless corwd funding can pay for all of our real-life salaries collectively while we work on this full time (I’m kidding – we are flattered at the mere thought but this is not a route we are looking for).

Will the product be made available for p3D v3.0?

We haven’t even had a chance to check out V3.0 yet. We do not have any further comment on it.

Will you be able to load simcharts on the 787 that I’ve downloaded as images?

Yes, see the 787 Update above.

Will you be able to update Nav Data via subscription based services?

Sure. We utilize Navigraph services, but you will need a subscription through them for the periodic updates.

Which liveries will be available for the 787?

Please see our Forum for anticipated livery list.

What are the System requirements for the 787?

To be determined

Ultimate 737 Collection

I do not have much to report for the 737 at this time. Hopefully we will have more to provide in a future update.

Ultimate 757

 In the last Quarter, we provided a fix for the Livery/Load Manager issue that did not allow the module to enter FSX Steam Mode. We are sorry for the delay in getting this out to you, but as a reminder…the 757s current installation into Steam is unsupported.

Ultimate 146

 We do not have any updates om the QW146 as this product is stable and mature. See previous 2015 Quaterly Updates on the 146.

Statement on Windows 10

 QualityWings Products at the current time are NOT designed for Windows 10. We cannot offer compatibility support for this OS until adequate testing on our end is done. We will get to testing WIndows 10 when time permits, but this is no timetable at the moment. We are aware of issues with the QW757 FMC upon installation into Windows 10, and have offered a workaround to this via our forums.

Statement on P3D V3.0

 We literally found out about P3D V3.0 on the day we were due to travel out to the United Kingdom. It’s quite challenging to keep up with P3D at this time. We cannot comment at this time on the Ultimate 146 Colelctions availabilty on P3D V3.0 at this time. The same can be said for the Ultimate 757, but the only difference there is that if it requires ANY work from us, the Ultimate 757 WILL NOT see P3D V3.0 as again, that product is No Longer in Developer.

Closing Note

Thanks for your interest and patience. All energy is on the 787 at this time and of course Product Support for Existing Porducts and the Simulators they were designed for. And again the experience at FlightSim 2015 was great! We hope to see many of you there next year (Remember what I told you before we left 🙂

See you next Quarter. Happy flying!




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