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In the early hours of the morning QualityWings released there Quarterly update on the goings on of the last Quarter. Here’s the full post

Greetings from QualityWings,

I’m convinced that somebody has sped up the clock, because it feels like I just wrote one of these quaterly updates. Summer is upon us, so I’ll keep this as brief as I can so you can get back to enjoying the beautiful weather outside.

Ultimate 787 Collection

Last we spoke, we’d done alot to solidify the foundation of the systems on the airplane. Well we are still adding to the Overall Flightdeck & Aircraft Systems.  But first I want to showoff something that we’re pretty excited about – The Virtual Cockpit!

A pretty significant reboot of the texturing has taken place in the last few months and within the last quarter, as has been the development of the Night Lighting System. (A video of this will be provided tomorrow as Facebook uploading is driving me CRAZY at the moment).



Now as for what’s going on with the Flightdeck & Aircraft Systems, here are a some of the areas which have been worked on during the Last Quarter

Flight Controls System

The fly by wire system continues to get programmed with features like tailstrike, bank angle and speed protections. It also includes unique 787 features such as automatic aileron trim and a system called “autodrag”. The autodrag function is used to improve descent path control and deceleration capabilities at normal landings using flaps 25 and 30. It automatically deploys symmetric ailerons and the outboard spoilers if a high approach above the nominal glideslope is sensed.


Those of you who watched the 787 flying display at the Paris Air Show might have noticed a symmetric deployment of the ailerons during maneuvers. This so called “Maneuver Load Alleviation” has also been implemented in our 787.

(A video of some FBW features will be provided tomorrow as Facebook uploading is driving me CRAZY at the moment).

Communications System

Like the 777 (For those of you familiar with that aircraft in real life), the 787 has a Communications (COMM) Page that allows for various requests by the Flightcrews piror to departure and enroute. We have spent a good amount of time trying to incorporate some of these features into the Ultimate 787. We’ve implemented the ability to send ATIS requests to VATSIM/IVAO and receive the information on the COMM page and also an area on the PFD called the Auxiliary (Aux) Display. Also on this page on the real aircraft is ATC information (More on this in a future update).

Flight Management System

The framework of the FMC and all it’s pages received ALOT of attention this quarter. We’ve just about got all the different pages programmed and the functionality behind all pages continues to be strengthened and tweaked. We’ve also spent alot of time and research on Help Messages. The 787 has a cool feature that provides more insight into why a command that is entered on the FMC is not valid. We may have to limit the ridiculous amount of messages to program. We don’t know every single scenario and to be quite honest I’m not sure we want to know all of them 🙂


Map Display – Work has been done on simulating a more accurate representation of the Map Display. Nothing groundbreaking within the Flight Simulation World, but with our evolving skills we can now carry improvements and new knowledge to this product.

Airport Displays – The 787 provides Airport Terminal displays, so we’ve implemented a similar working display (More in a future update).

Weather Radar – We’ve begun incoprating Weather Data from Active Sky (and similar services) into the Ultimate 787 (More in a future update).

The photos below show quite a bit of what I’m talking about

cockpit4 fmcFADEC & Autothrottle Programming

These two heavily related systems were worked on extensively this quarter. The Engine Thrust Limits correctly respond to atmospheric conditions and will not allow for an overboost of thrust. Autothrottle Limits are also set automatically or “manually’ via the Thrust Limits Page in the CDU.

Right now the work is focused on finishing off the more advanced fuel system features like automatic balancing and jettison, which is a first for us here. In parallel we’re working on a more advanced way to estimate the vertical flight profile for the VNAV system and the EFB performance calculations (How far we go with the EFB Performance Caluculations remaisn to be seen). Those who know our previous products and read this update will see how most of these features are something we have never done before. It’s challenging to step it up but with the experience gathered from the 757 and 146 we’ve got the capabilities to go much further than we used to.

Ultimate 737 Collection

I do not have much to report for the 737 at this time. Hopefully we will have more to provide in a future update.

Ultimate 757 Collection

In the last Quarter, we provided an updated gauge that gets rid of a some of the ambiguity of the CTD that some experienced during installation. I can tell you that this has helped immensely from our end of the support process. We appreciate your patience, and continue to ask that you refer to the Troubleshooting topics posted in the 757 forum if any problems arise during installation/reinstallation.

The QW757 installer was also made compatible with the latest Vesion of P3D and also FSX Steam.

Pardon any delays in support for the 757. We do the very best that we can with the time we have. The fact is, there is nothing new with the way this product behaves. Rarely is something found now that hasn’t already been discussed in our forums.

Ultimate 146 Collection

No change from the last update which stated:

There have been many questions regarding addon variants of the QW146. The truth is we have absolutely no time or resources to focus on this product at this time.

Statement on FSX Steam

As previously mentioned, the QW757 installer was updated to allow for the installation into FSX Steam albeit without Official Support.

We are still not prepared to address any questions on the availbility of future products on Steam. Hopefully we can have more information on this platform at a later date.

Recent & Future Flight Sim Conferences

We’ve been asked several times about our absence from the recent Flight Sim Conference in Connecticut. Several of us had every intention on going, but real-life scheduling commitments prevented that from happening. I’m VERY happy to hear that the show was a success as the United States typically has always lagged in attendance at these Shows, mainly because of geographical challenges. We are already making arrangements to attend the show in Cosford, UK. We hope to see some of you there.

Closing Note

Thanks for your interest and patience. I realize that there have been zero communications regarding upcoming products since the last updates. As with the last Quarterly update, I’m extremely busy personally and I’m the one that handles the Social media Stuff. But that is absoloutely no reflection on the amount of work being done by the team (Especially Ernie, Lars and Kyle) during this period.


Once again a fantastic Quarter for QualityWings and especially the Boeing 787 which is the addon i’m most looking forward to this year!

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