QualityWings Status Update Q3 2016!

It’s been a long while since QualityWings released a status update but Lars from QualityWings decided to give us a quick update on what’s been going on with them since the last one.
“Now here we are almost in October 2016 already. Incredible how time flies when you’re busy.
We realize there has been a lot of chatter about why there haven’t been any quarterly updates in 2016 so far. Those of you who read the last update thoroughly might have noticed that we already indicated less frequent updates as we wrap things up. So here we go:
Ultimate 787
After a bit of a ‘slow’ phase at the beginning of 2016, the 787 has seen a lot of progress in the last couple of months. But as always when you wrap things up and start to finalize a project…it’s those last percentage points of completion that take a LOT of work on the inside without any visible impact on the outside. We’re in exactly that phase right now.
We did some performance tuning and made significant stability and VAS usage improvements. Due to issues we experienced with the TCAS system we used for the 757 and 146, we decided to build one from scratch for this product. We’re currently in the process of finalizing up this other puzzle piece.
In addition we have been working on finalizing the FMC pages, including optimum flight levels, step climbs, etc.
Another big thing has been the implementation of compacted displays. If one of the Multi Function Displays (MFDs) fails, our product gives the user the ability to show all the information on the remaining MFD. While we don’t go deep into failure simulation, this was a necessary feature for a proper Cold & Dark power up sequence.
We have worked a lot on the correct power up sequence and how the displays come to life. We’re currently implementing all the associated sounds such as recirc / avionic fans powering up and down when the airplane goes through the startup sequence. It’s incredible how sophisticated the 787 is…it really seems to have a mind of it’s own with all the stuff that’s going on without any pilot input.
Overall the plane is shaping up nicely and starts to feel more and more complete. We anticipate to be able to start into some real beta testing soon. Of course we’ll let you know when this milestone has been achieved. Keep in mind that we still have to do the cosmetic finetuning, so when looking at the screenshots you will probably spot some items being slightly out of position here and there.
Ultimate 737
This project is deferred until after the 787 is released.
Flight Sim Con 2016
In June, five members of QualityWings showcased the 787 at the Flight Sim Con 2016 in Windsor Locks, CT. Just like previous shows in the UK we’ve been overwhelmed by the support we received. It was a great experience not only meeting many Flight Sim users but also most of the well-known developers who we all only knew from their forum avatars at best. It shows just how strong our community is and we got the impression that the latest developments indicate a bright future for flight simulation.
We set up the 787 on a PC for everyone to fly so that we got a chance to not only show off our hard work but to also get an insight into how people (try to) operate the plane. Our goal has always been to make the interaction with our planes as intuitive as possible. This show has given us an opportunity to witness what people do if they have no documentation at hand and that definitely lead to a couple of ‘aha’ experiences for us.
We’ll keep you in the loop on all things QualityWings but updates will not be as frequent since we’re neck-deep into getting the 787 out to you guys ASAP.
Thanks a lot for your patience and patronage.
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