QualityWings Ultimate 737 CANCELLED!


QualityWings shocked many earlier today after announcing the cancellation of their Ultimate 737 Classic project!

In a post to their Facebook page they wrote: “For the last several status updates, I have been telling you all that we have not had any further information to report on the proposed Ultimate 737 Collection. The focus on the original QualityWings team has been solely on the 787 . But I did promise some sort of announcement on a project that has been in hold for some time one the 787 had been released.

This post is to officially announce that there will NOT be an Ultimate 737 Classic Collection produced by QualityWings Simulations. For a group that prides itself on keeping it’s word and finishing what WE start…we apologize to those who may have been excited to see the 737 released under our brand.”

Included in the statement was details regarding the background of this decision, they wrote: “In December of 2013, QualityWings reached an agreement with Enigma Simulations to bring their 737 Classic project under the QualityWings brand as the Ultimate 737 Classic Collection. Their team of 4 members came over to QualityWings as members of our team and they were to work on the 737 as a group separate from the original QualityWings team as we were all busy with the 787. QualityWings hired a programmer to complete the team working on the 737 – so their truly were 2 separate teams: One working on the 787 and one working on the 737. But in May of 2015, members of the 737 started to leave the project.

First the 737 VC developer, then the exterior textures developer and eventually the systems programmer (who probably saw the writing on the wall). In the beginning of 2017, only 2 members of the Enigma Simulations team remained, and in May of 2017 the exterior modeler developer who held on for quite awhile finally bailed. Long story short – virtually the entire 737 programming team abandoned the project.

The Original (and still standing) QualityWings team did not have any interest on trying to salvage the work that was left over on the 737 Classic Project. Besides not wanting to deal with the work of other developers which present it’s own set of challenges, we are still knee deep in the 787 and all the plans we have for that project, the upcoming upgrades for the 146 and a few changes for the current 757.
Additionally, we’ve got some other ideas down the road. The 737CL (as much as it pains me to say because I love that airplane)…is just not something that we wanted to do as a group – let alone pick up pieces. That decision was made over the summer. As such…R.I.P Ultimate 737.”
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