RealAir Lancair Legacy V2 P3D Released!


Real Air’s multi award-winning Legacy is now even better than before. Thanks to an optional turbo-charged engine, the Legacy is even faster and can fly higher. It is now available for Prepar3D V2 and Prepar3D V3, as well as both FSX and FSX SE. We have added full VC integration for the Flight1 GTN 750 and GTN 650. There is now a complex oxygen and hypoxia simulation. The Legacy’s cockpit features many updates and improvements such as dimmable cockpit lighting. A brand new Config Panel allows you to position every radio to your exact liking. Their custom atmospheric sounds which respond to such things as aircraft yaw, roll, pitch, and more, have been improved so they now respond more smoothly and sound even better than before. In addition to the many new features, they’ve spent months fettling and fine tuning every detail of the Legacy. They believe it to be the most polished release they’ve ever created!

Here’s some of the features new to V2!

  • Turbo Engine: You now have the option to fit a 400hp turbo-charged engine into the Legacy. With this engine you can cruise at up to 300kt TAS, fly up to 35,000ft and climb at 3,000ft/min.
  • P3D and FSX SE Support: The Legacy can now be installed into Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2, Prepar3D v3, FSX and FSX Steam Edition.
  • Flight1 GTN Integration: You can now integrate the Flight1 GTN 750 and GTN 650 into the Legacy’s virtual cockpit. When installed into the Legacy, The GTNs feature our own custom 3D bezels, night lighting, and dimmable screens.
  • Panel Light Dimmer: The virtual cockpit panel now includes a dimmer control to finely control the brightness of the instrument and screen lighting.
  • Config Panel: A brand new Config Panel has been included, featuring a huge number of options and a more user friendly interface.
  • Custom Radio Layouts: Using the Legacy V2’s updated config panel, you can position each radio to your exact liking, using a simple click and drag interface.
  • Setup Guide: A detailed 120 page setup and flying guide is included. The FSX and P3D versions come with unique guides tailored to each specific simulator.
  • Aerodynamic Sound Effects: The aerodynamic sound effects have been greatly improved to react more smoothly and fluidly to aircraft attitude and control inputs.
  • Hypoxia Simulation: A complex hypoxia simulation has been included, featuring realistic sounds, animations and control inputs which together simulate the effects of oxygen starvation on the pilot. If you ignore the effects of hypoxia you will start to lose vision, the controls will become hard to coordinate and you will hear your virtual pilot struggling for breath.
  • Oxygen System: Also included is a detailed pilot oxygen system, to ward off the effects of hypoxia at higher altitudes.
  • New Liveries: Included are four new high definition liveries, in addition to the five liveries that were featured in version 1, making for a total of nine liveries.
  • P3D Optimisation: The Prepar3D version features many texture, modelling and coding changes to optimise it for use in P3D.
  • Fine Tuning: In addition to the features listed above, many long hours were spent testing and fettling every aspect of the Legacy V2 in both FSX and P3D. We believe the Legacy V2 is our most complete, polished release to date!

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