REX have announced major changes to there REX 3 Essential Overdrive. They sound rather excited when they posted this on their “Developer Blog”

Well some BIG and exciting changes coming for REX 3 Essential/Overdrive. We have done some work on the weather engine and backend weather services. First, we have fixed some major issues with the GRID Interpolation system. We found several stations not reporting and have now fixed that issue. Secondly, we have begun downloading the GFS rain, snow, and thunderstorm data.

This NOW allows us to create via the fixed GRID Interpolations system a FULL world wide coverage of weather. GREAT NEWS for your hi-flyers who like to fly over the oceans. You will now experience real weather systems, fronts, and even hurricanes/typhoons over the ocean blue.

Additional areas we are currently working on are enhancements and fixes to the WXPLUS Mode as well better wind and visibility smoothing. We hope to have this HOTFIX 2 available in several weeks. Stay Tuned!!!

The Hotfix should be available in the coming weeks and for more information on the development of this click here


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