REX 4 Weather Architect Final Testing!


A new concept of weather creation they call it, that’s REX 4 Weather Architect. It’s moved into final testing!

REX provided a screenshot of the final testing and it looks awesome. If your wondering what makes it different from any weather generation programme then this is what they say:

Weather Architect utilizes a unique mapping and graphics system that allows you to draw and create multiple types of detailed weather systems anywhere within the world at various intensities.

Weather Architect is a user-controlled custom weather scenario generator, allowing you to draw complete worldwide weather systems on a map with accuracy down to a single latitude and longitude! Weather Architect is like no other weather engine on the market, allowing you to visualize full fledged weather systems in the distance. It allows complete control and creativity in developing detailed weather systems anywhere in the world, including over oceans where no weather stations exist within the simulator”

Simply can’t wait for this to be released, it sounds so exciting!

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