REX Latitude Shutting Down!


REX has taken the decision to shut down one of their products, REX Latitude!

In a post to their forums REX Managing Partner, Reed Stough wrote: “REX Latitude was a program developed by a developer outside of REX.  Due to personal obligations, the developer was no longer able to support the program.  In addition, as a part of our contractual agreement, REX was not supplied with the original code.

Therefore, we will be shutting down REX Latitude by Friday, September 30th. It is not the policy of REX to shelf a program without providing some kind of replacement or update.   Unfortunately, due to the circumstances, we will not be able to provide an alternative until sometime in 2018.

Thank you all those who supported REX Latitude in the past.  We look forward to providing a new alternative within the next several months”

As mentioned it’s not REX policy to shut a program down without an alternative, however, they have said one will be coming “sometime in 2018”

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