REX Sky Force Approaching Beta!


Back in June, we saw a trailer video from REX featuring a new product they called Sky Force! Since then there’s been little news about the progress. It’s now been announced that the project is now approaching beta!

Sky Force or Sky Force 3D is a “new 3D cloud model pack that changes the way the clouds are represented within FSX/P3D.  This is different from REX Texture Direct.  REX Texture Direct is focused on the textures, but Sky Force focuses on the cloud models themselves.”

When you see the previews I’m sure you will be very impressed, they are STUNNING! Check out the video below, you will be impressed!

In a statement yesterday, Reed Stough from REX said “Well the news has been a long time coming, but there is great progress in regards to Sky Force.  Many of what has been seen from previous videos has been changed and updated.  There are some pretty amazing things coming down the pike.  Stay tuned for more information as we should begin beta testing within a few short weeks. In addition, good news for users of the REX Essentials’ weather engine.  We have optimized it to take full advantage of the Sky Force model system.  This will be released with Service Pack 4.”

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