REX World Wide Airports 3D P3D V4 Status Update


REX Simulations has released a status update about their World Wide Airports 3D package for P3D V4!

In a post to the REX forums, Developer Reed Stough wrote: “The news is we are progressing on getting the MAJOR texture work done for support for P3D 4.   We also are looking at trying to get the baggage loader to work within P3Dv4 with full animation.  It appears this function is not working.

The fact is this is an enormous amount of work to do.  It took several years to get it ready for FSX through P3Dv3.   P3Dv4 is a jump from P3Dv3.  So having to redo all the textures is tedious.”

Mr Stough confirmed that the update will be free to all owners saying: “Just to be sure there is no question, this update will be free to ALL owners of Worldwide Airports.”

The product has been in development for Prepar3D V4+ since October 13th, 2017, there’s no word on release date but we’ll keep you up to date with the progress of development.

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