Rotatesim MD-80 V1.1 Released!


Rotatesim announced the released of Version 1.1 of their very popular classic airliner the MD-80. Here’s what there forum post talked about and a VERY long list of new features!

We are happy to announce that version 1.1 is available for download at the store (if you get an 403 error you will need to reset the cookies on your web browser). You will need to activate the product. Of course, the manual has also been updated.

Here is a list of what has been fixed/improved/added in this version:
– Beacons are now red, and light sizes adjusted to X Plane 10.42.
– FMS route sequencer improved and compatibility issue solved.
– CDU crash in route edition has been fixed.
– DIR TO routine is now operative.
– CDU function keys delete functionality added (“pick and move up”).
– CDU ERASE option added, and corrected EXECute’s logic.
– CDU RTE activation logic functionality added.
– CDU Candidates pages ordered by nearest to current position.
– Transition altitude and transition speed restriction logic fixed.
– Transition altitude and cruise altitude selectable from 1000 to 37000.
– CDU altitude XXX format (without FL) now supported for input.
– FMS route altitude and speed restrictions now available in all waypoints.
– T/D calculation improved and available with DISCs in the route.
– FMS route now support airports as waypoints.
– DEP and ARR pages rebuilt and selection logic improved.
– Missing STARs and SIDs issue has been solved.
– Vector and unsupported terminator legs in SID and STAR procedures are shown as DISCs.
– Baro knob manipulator more sensitive.
– Altimeter light logic corrected.
– APU and GPU lights logic corrected.
– TO button now selects the necessary modes automatically.
– Selecting ALT HLD from VNAV mode will enter SPD/MACH SELECT AT mode automatically.
– VNAV is only available if A/T and HNAV are engaged.
– SPD readout shows FMS SPD while in VNAV operation.
– Corrected FMS OVRD behaviour. Only SPD mode is allowed.
– Capturing ILS enters SPD SEL mode automatically.
– VSPEED mode is automatically selected when wheel is adjusted.
– Gear Door Open annunciator’s logic corrected.
– Throttle handles are overriden when A/T is engaged, to avoid hardware controller glitches.
– TAS indicator minimum value set.
– Nose light is now off when gear is retracted.
– TAT and RAT now show the correct readings.
– Added GS reading to PFD (when IRS is in NAV and above 10000ft).
– Altitude’s warning logic corrected.
– Altitude’s FMA annunciator reading correctly.
– Tuned up Vspeeds calculation considering Temp/Alt corrections.
– Tuned up CI ranges and Economy SPD/MACH calculation.
– Adjusted drag.
– Customized airfoil data.
– Tuned up pitch/lift/speed for CLB CRZ DES.
– Corrected speed/attitude in final approach.
– Below G/S annunciator logic corrected.
– APU start up and EGT logic corrected.
– Tuned up engine’s N1, N2 and EGT readings.
– Tuned up engine’s fuel consumption.
– CSD Temp indicators now simulated.
– Changes in OAP annunciators related to start up and fuel.
– Empty view now available.
– Takeoff flap alarm is now less sensitive.
– Aircraft management page added to plugin menu.
– Adjusted flap handle positions.
– Source selection switches (overhead panel) and corresponding annunciators now interactive.
– Galley power switch now operative.
– GPU toggle is now available through the plugin menu.
NOTE: The command “Rotate/md80/electrical/GPU_power_request_toggle” will not work when assigned to keys or buttons. The access to this and other internal commands will be subject to a general solution in future updates.

Our goal with this version has been to resolve the most important issues found in the release version (specifically the ones regarding the Navigation System). So we have focused more on fixing and improving issues than on adding new features. Of course, we will keep fixing and improving things, but we want to focus more now on adding new features for the next updates.

Happy flights!


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