Saitek Upgrades HOTAS With X56


Saitek release some pictures of their upgraded HOTAS lineup! It’s Blue…

The X56 seems to look familiar, that’s because not a lot has changed since the last version the X55. Infact all I’ve noticed so far in the colour!

However Saitek say there are new features; the Joystick and the Throttle Quadrant now includes a Small Anologue joystick these replace the buttons that were originally placed there in the X55. The X55 only had 1 single colour of back lighting this one however will have RGB backlighting, so you can have your choice of illumination from 16 million color variants.

Other than the aforementioned features the X56 seems to be practically identical to the X55 however Saitek have said that they think that this version will be perfect for VR gamers, most notably Elite Dangerous and other simulation platforms. As for the price it’s $249.99 available for pre-order and shipping May 30th!

For more information and to preorder click here


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  1. Nothing changed beside it’s now a full 6dof space sim input device. I think this is a huge change.

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