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For Flight sim, you can be sat at the computer for hours and having a good quality headset can be the difference between you having a good experience or not. Sennheiser sent over a pair of headphones for me to have a look at; they’re called the G4ME Zero and I wanted to take a look at them and decide whether they’re good enough to be used for Flight Sim.

Headsets can be easily over looked, you could go on the internet and buy the cheapest pair you could find, the downsides to that can be vast but in short they need to be comfortable and of a good enough quality to not make them annoying to wear.


The G4ME Zero are designed from the ground up to be comfortable when you’re wearing them for long periods of time. The way Sennheiser has achieved this is to make the cups and the headband of headset out of memory foam with the cover being made out of leather. Just like your bed, these mold into the perfect shape to cushion themselves on your head and after a while I managed to forget they were even there.

G4ME ZERO - Shoot 06

The overall construction of the headset is of high quality plastic, when I say plastic they certainly don’t feel cheap, they have an excellent premium feel to them and also carry a bit of weight, adding to the premium feel. This pair came in white with red trim around the outside which compliments the clean white design. The headband it similarly constructed out of plastic but this time it’s black, the headband feels of a good quality and for the first time ever, they don’t creak when you bend them around!

On the right hand ear cup there is a very well placed volume control dial. This allows you to control the volume of the output without having to fumble around for the control dial that’s usually on the wire.

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Moving swiftly onto the centre piece of the device, the microphone. It sits on the end of a boom that’s constructed of plastic and a stiff rubber material. It does make re positioning it rather difficult. The microphone itself is encased in a plastic casing and therefor isn’t exposed and this acts as a pop filter. For nearly £200 you would be expecting that the headphones would be complimented with a good quality microphone. And you would be right to expect this out of this headset. You can be the judge but personally the microphone has a crisp sound and is as expected, very good. Another smart little addition to the design, is that when you flip the mic up, there is a small micro switch that automatically mutes the microphone. I found this to be very useful especially when you turn around to talk to someone in the room.



When the headset is shipped it comes with two different cables. The first being an extremely long dual input cable that has the Headphone and Microphone jacks split up. The next being a much shorter combined cable that could be used on smaller more portable devices. The sheaving of the cable is fabric and having used them for at least a month I’ve found that this combination of materials doesn’t tangle very easily and even when it did it was easy to untangle. Both cables comes with a double sided velcro strip that allows you to group the cable together if you’re sat right next to your PC.

Carry Case

The headset comes with a nice little carry case, that unlike other manufacturers is actually a hard case and not just a flimsy bag. It has the sennheiser branding on the front and inside a molded compartment for the headphones and another for the 2 cables. It’s of a size that’s perfect for rucksacks and with a handle on the top makes it very practical.


Using Them

When it came to using them, the most common thing that I did with them was to go on Teamspeak and also communication on Vatsim. The headset worked perfectly in both scenarios and especially on Teamspeak I had people asking what headphones they were because they sounded so different from the ones I had prior to this.

The real test for these headphones would be when it came down to working and playing with them all day. The first flight I did with them was a oceanic flight on Vatsim. Luckily a lot of the Flight Service Stations were online which mean’t I needed the headset to communicate with them. I wore the headset for around 7 hours and towards the end I forgot I was even wearing them. One of the major give aways about a headset is that either they aren’t comfortable or the microphone moves around and that makes you notice them. These headphones are very comfortable and the microphone stays where it should meaning that after several hours they were still as comfortable as when I put them on.

For anyone using them for Live Streams or YouTube videos, You will probably be very pleased with them. They output great audio from the microphone and adding to that they look very stylish and are very good to look at.

G4ME ZERO - Lifestyle Shoot 01


In conclusion, these headphones are expensive but as mentioned before headphones are very important and certainly can’t be overlooked. They can’t just be any chunk of plastic strapped to your head for hours. The G4ME Zeros are fantastic both with audio quality and construction. They are so noise isolating that you can’t even hear your own voice. So if you live somewhere where with a lot of noise these are perfect. With a price tag nudging £200 you have to think about how you want to prioritize your Flight sim hardware.But I would recommend them to anyone that flies on long haul flights and/or sits at the computer for long periods of time.


9.2 Awesome

With a price tag nudging £200 you have to think about how you want to prioritize your Flight sim hardware.But I would recommend them to anyone that flies on long haul flights and/or sits at the computer for long periods of time.

  • Physical 10
  • Microphone 8
  • Cables 9
  • Carry Case 9
  • Using Them 10
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 5.2

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