SIMstarter NG New Generation Announced!


Aerosoft announce a new product from SIMstarter, it’s called SIMstarter New Generation.

For those that are unaware of what this product does Mathijs from Aerosoft Explains it very nicely:

“If you are a frequent simmer using Addon Sceneries, Aircrafts and Tools you will probably notice your simulator platform (FSX, FSX:SE and PREPAR3D) reaching it’s limits. Out of Memory, Stutters, slow Textures and so on are the daily business of most simmers. To avoid these things you can use a lot of tweaks or depending on your Add-On, Region, Weather and whatever different configuration files. In addition you will need to start a lot of Tools in parallel to the simulator (or not depending on the situation).

That’s the point where SIMstarter NG comes in:

NG can create different profiles for different scenarios. For a “low and slow” VFR flight you put a profile with higher LOD, greater scenery density, turn on cars and boat traffic, general aviation traffic high, add two cloud layers more at the Weather Engine Active Sky Next and switches on all nice, small airfields and gimmicks at the Scenery Library (Scenery.cfg). But for the “Heavy metal”: car and boat traffic off, IFR traffic up , General aviation Traffic down , disable small airfields, because Airbus X won’t be able to land there and chart tools simultaneously.

And how about an online flight: disable AI Traffic, enable IVAO models, AI Chat Sound disable, Airplane labels on to identify other players, e.g. Or disable everything unneeded for a special region – with one click?! Many use cases and all they can be done with a, mouse click.”

He then went on to talk about what they would be doing about the original SIMstarter product and also how the update for original customers and donators would work.

We offer all people who did a donation until yesterday 21st of February 2016 for SIMstarter a FREE COPY of SIMstarter NG for a period of 60 days after release of SIMstarter NG. Thank you for all supporters of SIMstarter. The development and support of SIMstarter will discontinue from now on. We hope for your understanding.


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