TFDi Design 717 New Update Released!


TFDi yesterday announced the release of a new update to their 717 project!

In a post on their community forums they wrote: “As promised, although it wasn’t exactly quick, we have released version to the Community Opt-in Beta. This update includes a slew of new features, fixes, and changes. That said, we are still not ready to say we’re totally done.”

As they said, there’s been a “slew of new features” released including: CO ROUTE support, Yaw damper turn coordination functionality, Chocks and Cones, along with many other additions. Additionally, they also fixed many of the things the community has indentified, for a full list click here

They followed by talking about when the paint kit will be released also saying that now is the time to let them know if you find any bugs: “This is the time to let us know if you find anything so we can get it fixed. Gone are the days of waiting months for updates. Now that we are over the hurdle, we will be posting MUCH more frequent updates and able to react to requests much sooner.

Before everyone asks, the paintkit will be the very last thing we release. This is because we want to ensure that all known model issues/features are fixed/added, so we don’t make repaints obsolete with an update. We will release the paintkit with version 1.1 of the aircraft, which is what we’re currently working toward with this update.”

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