TFDi Design Boeing 717 Gauge Development


TFDi Design have been working on the Boeing 717 for some time. They’ve recently given us a behind the scenes look at what it takes to develop the Gauges in such as aircraft.

One of the options when programming gauges in C++ is to use Direct2D for the visual components. Direct2D is a 2D graphics API that’s part of the DirectX libraries. It’s a modern API for rendering 2D shapes and text to make up a digital display in FSX. Normally when testing out a program, it’s quite simple to launch it, try out your new code, and shut it back down to make a tweak. However, this isn’t so quick or simple in FSX.

To test a change to anything, let’s say, the shape of the attitude indicator on the PFD of the 717, we must first switch to a different aircraft so that our gauge (a DLL/GAU, you’ve probably seen them in your FSX folder before) is not being used by FSX, “build” (essentially means our code is being converted to its final usable format) the new copy of the gauge, then open up our aircraft menu and select the 717 again (and of course click through that annoying dialog that asks us if we want to run the new DLL…).

Those aren’t a lot of steps, but when you need to do this hundreds of times AND edit things point by point, it can take up a lot of…time. Above all, it’s just tedious and annoying to do. While powerful, Direct2D can be unpredictable in the way its shapes are rendered, which just makes this worse. We thought, there must be something we can do to make this easier? That’s when it dawned on us.

Direct2D isn’t just an API for use in graphics engines/games. It can also be used to render shapes in a standard desktop program. After a bit of research and some planning, we set to work on what we call D2D Studio (seen below, with the 717’s PFD loaded up). Keep in mind that the screenshot below demonstrates a work-in-progress version of the PFD and is by no means final.

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