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The time has finally come to show off smartCARS Mobile! In a sentence: smartCARS Mobile will help you stay active and engaged in both your flight and the community from the palm of your hand.

There are a few key features to note here. The first and foremost is that this data is in real time. Unlike almost all other solutions (live maps, etc.), this is a live feed straight from your flight to your phone. This allows you to monitor your flight as it’s happening, and if you feel the need to intervene, you can pause your sim from the same location.

The other main feature of this system is the “Pause sim under abnormal conditions” system. Checking this box will enable an intelligent flight monitor (which will also be available to smartCARS Premium users via the smartCARS desktop client upon the release of 2.1). If your flight deviates from standard”conditions (there’s unusual altitude deviation, drastic heading variation, etc.), your flight will be paused and you will receive a push notification on your phone. This means you will never again sit back down in the cockpit to find your plane suddenly descending 500NM early – now, you’ll have the chance to step in.

This poses benefits to both the hardcore simmer who never leaves his flight unattended and the more casual simmer who’s life interferes with flying. Whether you’re there with the simulator (FS9, FSX, X-Plane, or Prepar3D) minimized, or you had to run to the store, you can be confident that your information is up to date.

The mobile flight tracking system will automatically track your active flight from any smartCARS desktop client, assuming you’ve logged in to your Premium account.


The apps are currently “finished” as far as core functionality and design. They are operating on their native platforms and working as expected. We are planning to enter beta within the next week (and we will post information about beta when it becomes available). A smartCARS Premium subscription includes access to the smartCARS Mobile app ($3.99/mo).

smartCARS Mobile supports any modern Android, iOS, or Windows Phone device.

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