Turbulent Designs Going Solo!


After 2 years of working with ORBX, Turbulent Designs is finally going solo and venturing into the world of self publishing!

Here’s their full statement on Facebook:

After 2 years working closely with Orbx, Turbulent Designs now embark on a mission to venture in to self-publishing. During our partnership, Orbx have fully supported our aim to become an independent brand and now we move to this next exciting phase with the opening of a brand new website! More information on the website will be announced soon.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Orbx team and community for all of their support over the past 2 years. It’s been a wild ride working closely with Orbx to deliver high quality airports and we’ve made many friends during that time!

It’s exciting times and we wish them all the best and a prosperous future!

Previous products created by Turbulent Designs will continue to be supported by us until our contractual agreements are met, but we’re always just an email away for support and advice anyway. We care about our products and our consumer base and will ensure a smooth transition!

If anyone has concerns over YMML – Melbourne International v3, please don’t. This is in Beta stage and will be completed and supported as usual.

Get ready for the line-up of scenery developed and published by Turbulent Designs!
The line-up

(MBS) KMBS International

Earlier this year welcomed Russ White of White Digital Simulations to be part of the Turbulent team. Many of you will have been eagerly following Russ’ highly detailed and ground breaking development of MBS International.

We’re incredibly excited to announce that MBS will be making a star appearance and will be completed as a joint WDS/Turbulent development. It will be the headline airport on the all new Turbulent website!

Due to the high standards and new technology developed by Russ White, MBS has rightfully gained a huge following and community. Turbulent Designs is proud to now be working with Russ White to bring you the airport you have all been waiting for!

More information about MBS can be found on the WDS website and forum, located here: http://www.wdsims.com/

L35 Big Bear Airport

As you’ve seen from our previous updates, L35 Big Bear Airport is going to blow you all away.

Located in Southern California, Big Bear Airport will feature a huge coverage area of over 1400 square kilometres, HD buildings and Ground Poly by Russ White and new custom clutter models. Recently developed technology by Turbulent Designs and White Digital Simulations will also be merged in to L35 to push the bar even higher!

KIDA Idaho Falls Regional Airport

KIDA will feature a Turbulent-style high definition ground poly along with ultra-detailed, high definition buildings. As with L35, recently developed technology by Turbulent Designs and White Digital Simulations will also be merged in to KIDA. Watch our Facebook page for further info and sneak previews over the coming months.

2O3 Angwin Parrett Field

Angwin Parrett Field is a small GA airfield with a lot of character. As with all airports, Angwin will feature a high definition ground poly along with ultra-detailed, high definition buildings. 2O3 will also feature recently developed technology by Turbulent Designs and White Digital Simulations. 2O3 has been developed to our usual high standard but we appreciate that this is a small airfield and so, will be priced accordingly. This airfield will be a no-brainer!
All airports released under Turbulent Designs will not only maintain the quality you’re used to seeing from our products, but exceed them. We have a lot of new technology in development, some you may recognize and some you may not. Along-side this, we can promise the following features:

• Boosted performance – Due to a heavily experienced team and complete control over assets used, all airports will be fully optimized and customizable to fit your performance needs.

• Consistency – Turbulent Designs is a team of experienced developers all working in the same office. Because of this, all work created by Turbulent will not only be of high quality but a consistent quality, reassuring the customer that every purchase will be a great one.

• Added Compatibility – All Turbulent Designs airports will be blended and compatible with as many other products as possible. This includes products such as FTX Regions, MegaSceneryEarth and Default. Problem with compatibility? Tell us!

• Automatic Seasoning – Where possible, all vegetation and seasonable models will automatically adjust to the season without the need of a control panel.

• Ease of use – Everything created by Turbulent Designs will cater for users of all skills and experience. Whether you’re new to flight simulation or experienced, all of our products will be easy to install, use and customize.

Now check out these previews!

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