Turbulent Designs KMBS International Airport Enters Beta!


Announced in Mid-November last year, KMBS International Airport from Turbulent Designs has gone into beta this week!

KMBS International Airport is located in the Freeland, Michigan, serving the nearby cities of Midland, Bay City and Saginaw. It was formally named Tri City Airport or Freeland Tri-City Airport. The airport was renamed to MBS International Airport in 1994 to prevent confusion with other airports named “Tri City Airport” across the United States.

In a post to the forums Turbulent Designs Developer, Russ Linn wrote: “You’ll all be happy to hear that Russ White’s KMBS International Airport is now officially in Beta! We’ve created a collection of screenshots to whet your appetite while we wrap things up. You’ll be seeing a release date imminently!”

The key bit of info there is the fact that we’ll “be seeing a release date imminently!”, I’d assume that means the release is most likely scheduled before the end of May.

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