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UK2000 have recently released another stunning scenery for Glasgows second airport called Prestwick (EGPK).

It’s situated about 1 miles northeast of the town of Prestwick. It’s also Scotland’s second largest commercial airfield. And had over 1.1millions passengers pass through it’s doors in 2013. This airport has unfortunaly seen a major reduction is passenger volumes because in 2007 it peaked at around 2.4 millions passengers traveling through. But in 2013 there was a massive drop to almost 1.1 million. Ryanair also uses this airport as one of there major operating bases.

UK2000 were kind enough to send over a copy of this scenery for review, so let’s get into it!


When you download this scenery it comes in a relatively small download file size of just 78.3MB. It comes as a simple installer where you just enter the key code that they give you upon purchase and it will install fine. The configuration tool that comes after the installation let’s you define how detailed you want the scenery to be.

You can make the scenery more frame friendly by turning off AI Traffic and other things. It then asked if you want it to be added to the scenery database. The answer is yes otherwise it won’t work. Overall the installation of this scenery is simple and doesn’t take very long.



After flying in and around this airport for some time, it has become quite apparent how detailed it is. The quality of the ground textures is nice. The Runway actually looks like a runway and not some perfect piece of tarmac that hasn’t been used before. It actually has markings to show that has been used before. This is a minor detail that adds to the whole experience. In terms of the detail on the ground it is definitely up to the standard that you would expect from UK2000. The taxiways have high definition markings that clearly stand out from the tarmac. After taxiing around this airport in a C182 I can say that I certainly looks great from the ground.



Seen as this is one of Ryanairs big hubs, UK2000 have represented this nicely with the addition of a Ryanair hangar and a lot of Ryanair static aircraft. They have been placed around the airport where you would expect to see them in real life. On the subject of static aircraft; there is a massive range of aircraft from the small Cessna’s to the big 747’s they are all here at Prestwick. Once thing that I have noticed is that the transition between the taxiways and the grass can be a little harsh in some places and can make the grass look a little unrealistic.

OverheadRWY 3


The Terminal

The buildings for this airport are of a very high quality. There are several hangers placed around the airport and the best part of the airport I think is the Terminal buildings. They have the main terminal building that it home to one of the static aircraft that happens to be one of the Ryanair 737’s. The quality of the apron area is nice, the terminal buildings are modeled well and the markings and signs are easy enough to read so that you don’t have to use the super zoom eyes that we seem to have inside of FSX.

Static Aircraft





Overall I think that Scenery is really nice and if you venture all the way up to Scotland enough then I think that I could be quite a nice addition to your collection. For the price £16.99 I think that it’s well worth it. But for a limited time you can actually get 25% off and get it for only £12.75. In conclusion I think that UK2000 have brought out another stunning addition to their Xtreme collection and that you should definitely go and buy it if you fly to Prestwick regularly.


9.0 Awesome

If you fly to Prestwick and need something to make the landing a little more stunning then this is the scenery addon for you. For the price of £16.99 it is definitely worth it. I do think that the transition between the taxiways and the grass could be a little more subtle. Overall a Awesome product!

  • Installation 9
  • Modeling 8
  • Terminals 10
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 6.4

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