UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo X Scenery Released


UUEE Moscow Scenery by Drzewiecki Design is now released.

As one of the economic hubs of the world. It is no surprise to see in the real world; major updates and developments of the airport have happened over the years. This however means that FSX sometimes lags behind in scenery.

If you regularly fly to the heart of Russia, being Moscow, then this scenery package is going to be useful. The airport itself can be found in Khimki, just 18 miles outside the centre of the city of Moscow.

Updating the scenery of Moscow airport helps you to keep up with the developments of the real airport. The key features for this airport, is that a huge amount of research has taken place to get the realistic feel of the airport. There is newly constructed terminals and also new taxiways. All of this has been added to make this more like the real airport.


The highest level of accuracy possible with geographic modelling and positioning of the airport to try and copy the exact layout of the real thing. AI Traffic come as standard and even comes in and out of the airport. This means that you won’t feel like the only Russian plane in the air.

Season switching is also included, this feature means you will see an active difference in the airport from winter to summer, giving you two entirely different designs as the seasons change.

If you want to make UUEE look as authentic as possible then go with this scenery addon because it combines high attention to detail with the seasons, this creates more realism and generally improves the feel of the scenery.


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