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Surprisingly we’ve made it all the way to October which means there’s only 3 months until Christmas, it’s certainly a busy time of year for most Flight sim developers as they try and get their addons released before the end of the year!

2016 has already been jam packed with amazing releases from hundreds of different companies, but as we move closer to the end it does get quite exciting especially when you hear about what we think might be released over the next few months.

FlightSim Labs A320X P3D Version

The Flight sim community was changed forever when FlightSim Labs released their A320X FSX version back in August. Now they’re working on the P3D version and we think there’s a high possibility that we could see it being released before the end of the year.

Dovetail Flight Simulator

Dovetail entered the Flight Sim scene back in July of 2014 when they purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator from Microsoft. Since then they’ve been making waves by releasing a Steam edition of FSX and creating a Flight School simulator.

They’re now moving on to create a full-scale Flight Simulator similar to FSX called ‘Dovetail Flight Simulator’. In a Livestream event last week the Creative Director of Flight for Dovetail Stephen Hood mentioned that the sim would be released in December if all went well.

Aerosoft CRJ 700/900

The subject of controversy and quite clearly the longest aircraft in development ever the Aerosoft CRJ has come a long way in the last year.

I flew it back in February and A LOT has changed since then. Aerosoft now has a date in mind for release and it would appear that they’ve learnt from mistakes by not telling us what that is.

PMDG 747-400 II 

It was only yesterday that PMDG announced that their 747-400II had entered into beta testing and hopefully it won’t take longer than 3 months to complete. I think it’s highly likely we will see a release before Christmas if everything goes well.

Airline2Sim 777 Training Series

Airline2Sim are the people behind the famous Q400 Cadet Training Series, they’re back again with another training series this time for the PMDG 777. After speaking with Ben from Airline2Sim it was revealed that the delay was caused by ‘Mission Creep’ and that they have a date in mind for December.

Aerosoft Genova Scenery

It’s no secret that this airport is finished, It’s been in Beta since last week and looks practically finished so I’m about 95% confident that it will be released before Christmas.

FSFX Packages Chaseplane and Q400 Immersion Package!

And finally, we have FSFX Packages with their Chaseplane camera addon, although it won’t actually be released before Christmas, it will be available in a Pre-Alpha in November which probably counts. In addition to this, they’re also planning the release of their long-awaited Q400 Immersion Package!

That concludes the list of addons we think have a high probability of being released before the festive period so that your other half has a chance to buy them you for Christmas.



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