X-Plane 11 | A First Look!


I received an email yesterday from X-Plane containing something very exciting, a beta copy of the highly anticipated X-Plane 11!

I installed it immediately and set about checking it out. The reason that people like myself don’t fly with X-Plane as the primary sim is because the UI is a sea of confusion. No MORE! The UI is beautiful,¬†it retains its functionality but this time it is actually EASY to use!


In this first set of previews, we’ll be showing some screenshots of the aircraft sat on the runway at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. Just bear in mind that I’m running this on a 2015 Macbook Pro and the settings aren’t maxed out by any stretch.

We’ll have more previews on the way so stay tuned to the site and Facebook Page

Boeing 737 | XPlane 11 Cessna 172 External Texturing | XPlane 11 Cessna 172 External Texturing Front | XPlane 11 Cessna 172 Cockpit | XPlane 11 MD-82 Cockpit | XPlane 11 Sikorsky Helicopter Cockpit | XPlane 11 Sikorsky External Texturing | XPlane 11

Boeing 737 | XPlane 11



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