X-Plane 11 | Taking Flight!


It was only days ago that we previewed some shots of X-Plane 11, Laminar Research has now released the public beta. We thought we’d follow up with some more shots!

This time we’ve managed to get some of the default aircraft in the air and I must say they do look really good. This time I’ve switched from my Macbook Pro to my underpowered desktop PC, it did mean I could turn some of the settings up to make it a little more appealing. ENJOY!

Please note. These are full res images taken straight out the sim, they may take some time to load depending on your internet connection.

For more information and to download the beta click here

x-plane-2016-11-24-21-33-42-736 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-35-45-313 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-36-44-546 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-41-13-199 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-44-38-172 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-45-24-016 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-48-16-748 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-48-35-590 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-58-24-776 x-plane-2016-11-24-21-58-42-449 x-plane-2016-11-24-22-06-41-789 x-plane-2016-11-24-22-10-45-514


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